I'm Alfred

Are you tired of
losing time ?

  • You give me the task
  • I work on it
  • You enjoy the result
Ask me anything

What will Alfred do for you?

He can work on any task you don't want to do.

This tracking doesn't make sense, can you call the post office and tell me what happened to my package?
They lost your package, do you want me to process a complaint for you?

How does it work?

You send requests to Alfred

If you encounter a time consuming task, just give it away to Alfred. It can be as simple as ordering something where phone calls are involved, organizing some nice vacations without specific dates or even fetching the documents needed for a visa.

Step 1

He works on it

Alfred will work on the task and eventually get back to you for more details or data so he can fulfill it correctly. He will do all the hard part of searching, calling, registering for you.

Step 2

He gives you the results

Alfred will give you the result of his investigation and all the details of what he has done. Depending your decision he can even go further and keep going with it until you’re 100% satisfied. He can pay, dispatch or book for you.

Step 3